At the consultation center, you can meet and make an appointment with a specialist in existential analysis and logotherapy specialists and receive support and assistance.

Supporting to inspire

Help and support may vary by levels and depth. How would you know what kind of help you need?

Counseling or psychotherapy?

If you need short-term counseling related to a specific, already formulated request. The topic that worries you is clear or you are in a difficult life situation, you need support in making a decision, accompaniment in a certain situation, and at the same time you are not in a difficult emotional state (no complaints on physical and mental health).

Consultant in existential analysis and logotherapy (coach) focuses on support in a specific life situation if the client has the resources.

Topics that the consultant-coach works with:

  • Lack of self-confidence (before public speaking, passing exam, driving a car, etc. .)
  • Changing jobs
  • Divorce process
  • Life and age-related crises
  • Weight loss or gain (in collaboration with other specialists)
  • Career orientation
  • Moving to a new place of residence
If you see that something is going wrong in your life, you understand that changes are needed, but you do not always realize what is the cause of the difficulties and how you can improve the situation. In this case, a psychologist-consultant will help you more accurately formulate a specific request, discuss with you the opportunities available in your situation, and, using special methods, help you find internal personal resources that will help you cope with those difficulties.

The focus in counseling is on psychoeducation, finding specific solutions, releasing internal resources.

Topics which the psycologist-consultant works with:

  • Lack of energy, depression, boredom, burnout, feeling of uselessness of life
  • Difficulties with self-esteem, dissatisfaction with oneself, impostor syndrome Procrastination, difficulties making decisions, addictions (sugar, shopping, video games etc.)
  • Problems in relationships (partnership, child-parent, friendship)
  • Life crises (both related to external s and internal circumstance)
If you understand the reasons of your difficulties, but cannot overcome them on your own. They often say about such situations: “I understand everything with my mind, but it doesn’t help.” There is a gap between thought and feeling, body and feeling, word and deed. In this case, a therapy specialist will provide you with emotional support and offer to work with the underlying causes of your condition.

The focus in psychotherapy is on working with your feelings, experiences, and condition. You will gain the experience of a respectful and caring relationship with a specialist, you will be able to be seen and understood in your problem.

Problematic topics that the therapy consultant works with:

  • Increased anxiety, fears, panic attacks, social phobia
  • Depression and emotional burnout of moderate and severe stages
  • Neuroses and personality disorders (narcissistic, hysterical, borderline)
  • Severe forms of addictions (alcohol, gaming, emotional codependency)
  • Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating)
  • Sexual disorders
If you cannot not find your problem listed, contact us and we will answer whether our specialists are working with your requested topic.

Topics you can contact us about

Increased anxiety, fears, panic attacks
Difficulties with self-esteem, self-acceptance, painful experience of criticism
Difficulties in relationships (family, work, friendship)
Depression, emotional burnout, constant lack of strength
Difficulty making decisions and implementing plans
Misunderstanding of yourself and your feelings, existential crisis

Advantages of working with us:


Current projects
From February 1, a self-awarweness group for women in difficult life circumstances will begin working.

Once a week on Saturdays, 2,5h women of different ages and different life stories will come together to look carefully at themselves, receive support and understanding, and bring clarity to their situation. And the most important thing is to understand your feelings and start living your life in harmony with yourself.
What our clients say:
34 years old
I came to therapy because it was unbearable to live… Despite the fact that there was no reason for suffering. But there was only suffering. In difficult moments I couldn’t do anything besides my work, and I didn’t have the strength to ask for help. And it was not clear how to ask, because literaly nothing bad happened in life - others suffer as well,  ut what about me? Am I going crazy because I have not enough problems and that’s why I’m inventing them? But the anxiety was gaining momentum, and it was difficult to just leave the house, although outwardly, of course, nobody knew about my inner unhapiness. After the first session with Natalya, I came out very surprised - as nobody evel listened to me in the way Natalia did. And then I slowly learned during the therapy process that I don’t have to endure it. Even if something difficult and painful has happened to me in my life, it doesn’t mean that the problem is in me and I don’t have to endure it. The therapy process itself was not easy because for the nonlinearity of the process. There are moments when you feel that something inside has irrevocably changed for the better, and there are stages when you feel like you are throwing out the pain and it will never end. But this pain has always been with me. If I had not brought up these topics in therapy, I would have experienced them alone in a more painful way. In therapy, I was able to separate the pain from myself. I stopped watching heartbreaking films in order to cry about the fate of the heroes and let off steam - because crying about myself was no longer unbearable. I was able to find more space in my life for myself. Maybe outwardly my life has not changed much, but living it has become much more pleasant and easier.
41 years old
I came to existential therapy with the general question “what is the meaning of my life?” It seemed to me that the colors around me had faded and nothing brings  joy. Working in self-discovery helped me explore my own individuality, determine what is really important and meaningful to me. This helped me better understand myself and my life priorities. The meanings that I was able to discover in this work gave me deep satisfaction in what I have right now and what I still want. There was a feeling that a bright guiding star had lit up - the goal of where I was going, and my values became a support on this path. An open and trusting dialogue with the therapist was the main key and great support to see how my actions and decisions shape my destiny. Yes, this is not a quick process, but it is very deep and worth it. After all, it is in this depth that you can connect with your real feelings and needs, with your authentic personality. Now the techniques for expressing my feelings and thoughts, obtained in the process of self-knowledge, have become for me a valuable working tool for living my now meaningful life.
36 years old
Dear Natalya! I want to express my deepest gratitude to you! 💐🌺🌸🌷🌹☘️💐It turned out that I keep my gratitude to myself (and it appeared after the first session!), but I immediately rush to voice what I don’t like (“the feeling that we are wasting time”). By the way, this really infuriated my mother-in-law (focusing on what is NOT), she still is poisonous 😄 So, I thank you for helping to untangle this tight knot of different feelings (I also felt pity for my mother-in-law, and guilt, and anger, and resentment), originating in the trauma of childhood, and in the trauma of losing a child, and in the insanity of the mother-in-law and others like her. These are all different threads - you are certainly right. And when she said that we are marking time, she meant that we give these threads a name (the color in this ball), but do not pull them out. So this is impossible just by one thread! But the ball is no longer so tight. This is a huge breakthrough! So, a short review (yesterday you asked, but it didn’t work out): After starting therapy, I never cried after meetings with my mother-in-law, which happened only a couple of times in 5 years! So, thank God, we sorted out the first request!
✔️ There comes an awareness of the feeling of pity
✔️ There comes an understanding of the root of the irrational (!) feeling of guilt
✔️ This is a huge breakthrough, otherwise I lived all the way with the feeling that I was really guilty before this family, maybe that’s partly why I allowed myself to be “punished” - like eating for what, after all, my son was “taken away from the family” We are working through the trauma of losing a child, a difficult first birth
✔️ We are working through the trauma of abandonment
✔️ You teach me to pay attention to feelings
✔️ I sorted everything out with my head, but feelings live their own lives You are helping me find my place in... the family
✔️ Otherwise, I’m like a restless person - with one foot a wife and mother of a baby (real roles), the other - a mother-in-law, a cornered child, a rescuer, a victim... (injury game). You are trying to put this second leg in place - in the family (husband, me, child) You are trying to get to the bottom of the matter
✔️ This is a very valuable quality, even when I say “I don’t know” - you encourage me to search You provide tremendous psychological support ✔️ Let the ball not yet unraveled, I believe it is possible. Otherwise it seemed that I would spin this wheel like a squirrel until my death. The prospect is depressing, I’ll tell you, dialogues with my husband’s family have become less frequent
✔️ To resume: I’m very glad that you exist! In general and in my life - in particular!
At our center, specialists provide effective assistance to those who need it, but cannot afford to pay for consultations.