Гуманитарная помощь

Supporting to inspire

A psychologist is not only a modern, in-demand profession, but also a special type of help for people.

Our center’s specialists provide effective assistance to people who do not have the means to pay for consultations. The demand for such help is high and the results cannot be overestimated - improving the mental health and ending people suffering.
Refugees (including mothers of children with disabilities); Classes with a psychologist for children from Ukraine
People who had cancer and are at the rehabilitation stage;

We currently provide psychological assistance to:

Girls with gender dysphoria
Low-income people in crisis situations.
For them, we provide individual consultations, organize support and self-awareness groups. Groups is one of the most effective types of psychological help that produce sustainable results that last for a long time.

How can you help?

We invite everyone who shares our values to support our charity project.
Donate any amount for free psychological consultation for vulnerable and low-income people in difficult life situations. Your help will be targeted (it will be aimed at helping a specific person with a specific problem). In our experience, people really appreciate this type of support and are truly grateful to their supporters.
any amount to cover the work of psychologists in one of the current directions of the center's work:
You can also donate

psychological support for people coping with cancer

psychological assistance for refugees and their children

support group for girls with gender dysphoria

Everyone can help. Any amount of donation you make is significant to us

10 individual consultations

for those who need our help.
If you need psychological help and are looking for support, fill out the form, we will contact you
Every month we provide
We already have helped to many people:
During our work since 2014, our secialists have carried out more than
  • 2000
    hours of social psychological support
Creator of a supportive space for Ukrainian women with children
I would like to express my deep gratitude to Natalya Zatsepina and all the organizers for holding supportive psychological meetings for Ukrainians in Latvia. Today, the need for this psychological support remains significant. Being away from home, family, or having lost all this in general, starting life from scratch and alone, it is extremely important to feel at least some kind of support under your feet and even a banal opportunity to speak out in “your circle,” and if all this happens under the strict guidance of a specialist, this is priceless. Personally, for the first time in a year and a half, I was able to understand what was hurting me, talk about it, understand and accept. I left the meeting with a light soul, a plan for further action and new acquaintances acquired.⠀Thank you for your concern, understanding, warm atmosphere and high professionalism ❤️See you again💫