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Alfried Langle's innovative, unique approach, seminars and courses for psychologists in Riga. Psychotherapy training remotely in Austria (Vienna).

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The first enrollment in the course under this program was already a success in Riga 2014 in a hybrid format (in person + remotely). Now, thanks to technology, a unique program has become available as close as possible, but has not lost its depth and value.

From January 2025, a unique program of personal and professional development will be available for the Baltic countries and European countries!

What is existential analysis and logotherapy?
Existential analysis is an approach based on existential psychology and existential philosophy. Existential philosophy and psychology place human existence in the center in the aspect of its freedom. It is a human being that can make decisions about its life. This fact must be taken into account and become central in order to achieve a fulfilled life. In other words, whether our life is happy, fulfilled or not, depends to the greatest extent on ourselves.

We are called to deal with all of this - the depression that happens, the circumstances around me that I have to deal with. Everyone must deal with themselves, with others, with the economic situation and make decisions (responsible one), still remaining themselves at the very center of all these challenges. This is the specific task of human existence, and this is the message of existential analysis.
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Discover a gentle approach with a clear structure, methodology and become a certified consultant/coach or psychotherapist/therapy specialist in the field of existential analysis and logotherapy.
The purpose of EA is to help people recognize and manage their behavior and emotions, and to live their lives with “inner peace.”
GLE international is an international society for logotherapy and existential analysis, an international union with associated national societies and regional institutes.
Education online or hybrid learning format: part of the group sessions online, part of the group sessions in person.
  • Consultant/coach - basic course
  • Therapy Specialist/Psychotherapist - Clinical Course after Basic Course
For any questions please contact:
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Why Existential Analysis?

Get a diploma as a consultant/coach or psychotherapist/therapy specialist in the field of existential analysis and logotherapy by joining the global community of GLE International.

Thanks to the GLE International Program you will be able to:

  • Find more meaning and fulfillment in your life.
  • Learn about the basis of existence (phil.): how it works and how life functions.
  • Develop awareness and an open attitude towards yourself and the world.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of psychological disorders and their origins from the basic theory of the four fundamental motivations.
  • Learn more about meaning and issues related to meaning, both for yourself and for others.
  • Receive additional postgraduate education and a GLE international certificate to practice consulting or coaching, and become a therapy specialist.
  • Experience significant personal growth while developing professional excellence.
  • The program itself is of great value for anyone who decides to get acquainted with the method, but in addition, having mastered the curriculum, you receive additional professional skills (postgraduate education), which make you a unique specialist who can work with a variety of difficult topics and the owner of a respected worldwide Vienna GLE international diploma. Read here

Who is this course suitable for?

For those who want to improve their skills
Parents of children any age
Who wants to improve their skills in helping people (psychologists, doctors, teachers, healthy nutrition consultants, trainers, HR specialists, senior and managers, entrepreneurs and businessmen, public figures, clergy of any levels).
Parents who have encountered difficulties and want to rebuild the family system can receive a practical method of education, the purpose of which is to create conditions for the growth of a mentally healthy and harmonious personality.
For those interested in self-development
People who are interested in self-development and move towards a conscious life. Anyone who wants to better understand themselves and others in order to lead a more meaningful and balanced life.
Alfried Langle course
Psychotherapist, existential analyst, clinical psychologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences. Successor of Viktor Frankl.

Scientific developments in the field of psychotherapy and existential analysis.

Former President of the International Society of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (GLE-I). Founder and scientific director of a number of educational centers for existential analysis in Berlin, Hanover, Hamburg, Westphalia, Bern, Zurich, Vienna, Graz, Linz, Innsbruck, Bregenz, Prague, o, Warsaw, Riga, Kiev, Lvov, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vancouver, Alberta, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, London.

Author of several books and a large number of scientific articles on the theory and practice of existential analysis.

Course Objectives

  • Skills in applying the method of personal existential analysis.
  • Work in small groups: between the main meetings at the seminars, participants carry out independent work in small groups according to the instructions of the presenters.
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Course Topics

  • Introduction to Existential Analysis and Logotherapy
  • Fundamental motivation (FM)
  • Existential-analytical idea of the basis of human motivation.
  • Ontological and existential meaning
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Method of changing position, stages of working on the process of forgiveness, working with guilt and feelings of guilt, working with the problems of impaired self-worth, etc. Read more

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About the program

Graduation work

✓ Exams
3-5 theoretical exams. All materials and questions for exams are provided. Additional consultations are provided if necessary.
✓ Thesis
The thesis is a description of a specific case on 30 pages; additional consultations are possible if necessary.

✓ Diploma
Each diploma is issued in Austria, Vienna and has international recognition (GLE international)

Admission Process

Apply for training by filling out the form here on the website
Once we receive your application you will be contacted to schedule an interview.
Pay for the introductory seminar and start learning Existential Analysis